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Clients of Dynamic Web Technologies

City of Saint Paul, St. Paul, MN

The City of Saint Paul located in Eastern Minnesota, is the state capitol.

The city is among the leaders in the nation in developing GIS (Geographic Information Services) for the City of St. Paul and Ramsey County.

Consulting services provided for the City included modifications and enhancement of the GIS system, customized usage statistic analysis and reporting, automated log file database updating, custom designed search engines and tracking.

Incarnation Lutheran Church

Located in Shoreview, Minnesota, Incarnation Lutheran Church worked with Dynamic Web Technologies to develop their site and incorporate Dynamic Writer to allow content to be updated by Church employees. Dynamic Web Technologies also implemented the multi-level navigation used on the web site.

Vapor Trail Archery

Dynamic Web Technologies designed the Vapor Trail Archery web site, and developed their e-commerce capabilities.

Dynamic Web Technologies also developed an invoice tracking system that enables them to track sales, generate invoices and packing lists, and keep information of sales representatives and customers across the nation.

Lares Corporation

Lares Corporation is the nations' largest supplier of remanufactured steering gears for large fleets.

Customers include the United States Post Office, Federal Express, and UPS. Countless small truck and auto parts suppliers also carry their product.

Lares Corporation realized the need for an easy means to search their products catalogue.
In the Summer of 2000, they worked with Steven E. Lorbach consulting to design and develop a search engine to put on their web site that would be reliable, quick, and easy for anyone to use.