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What we're all about...

Dynamic Web Technologies is located just North of the Twin Cities in Minnesota.
We work with basically anything on Internet, or any web based applications.

  • Dynamic web pages - Allows interaction between your customer and your application. Surveys, expanding menus, custom interfaces for each visitor based on their preferences.

  • Online database design and creation - Allow your sales people to access product data from anywhere in the world. Equipment service technicians can have access to parts information quickly and efficiently and allow them to search by manufacturer, part number, function, size, color or other parameters.

  • Custom applications, such as Content Management Systems, inventory control, packing lists and invoices... all accessable with a web browser.

  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) - use dynamic web mapping to display demographics and analyze new potential markets.

Anything you need to help your business run faster, better, or more efficiently... just let your creativity imagine the possibilities...